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The Special Kids Rodeo

Not a day goes by where I don’t love being a photographer, but on certain days, my camera skills lead me to something new and something truly incredible. This was one of those experiences. I photographed a rodeo, documentary style, but not just any rodeo, the Special Kids Rodeo of 2017.

This was the 4th annual Special Kids Rodeo here in the Town of Queen Creek and just like in previous years, it was deemed a “day of yesses” for local children with special needs. Everyone here went out of their way to make sure each child had the time of their life, making the events possible for any child who wanted to participate, regardless of their disability. It. Was. Awesome. There were so many fun activities for the kids to do, I just followed a group around and snapped away. And let me tell you, I was honored, and humbled, and just plain thrilled to be part of this day, even just as a photographer. I was inspired by the kindness of the volunteers and overjoyed by the pure happiness of all of the participants. It was a day that really just made me happy to be alive.

These were all shot with my Canon 5D Mark III and my Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4. See all of my camera gear here.

Documentary session at the Special Kids Rodeo 2017. Photos by Kristine Underwood of Kristine Elizabeth Photography

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