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Read With Me

I think I’ve decided that 1 year olds are among my favorite to work with. They are fun! They’re so curious and excitable, and absolutely fascinating to photograph. In working with this little guy, I was able to get down to his level and see the world through his eyes. I spent several hours (on the ground) following him around, photographing him just doing what he does. And I loved it!

I almost felt like a kid again, crawling around on the floor, having a mid-morning snack, pushing cars around back and forth, making a giant mess, and taking a walk to the park on a beautiful day.

My absolute favorite part was documenting him interacting with his mom though, it was so honest, so real. I love working with families and being able to feel their connection to one another. It warms my heart. This is a boy who truly loves hanging out with his mama. I was so proud to be able to capture a few snippets of their life together on his first birthday.

These were all shot with my Canon 6D and my Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens. Read all about my gear here.

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