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A Brand New Family

Being present when a new life comes into the world is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. It’s moving, and emotional, and absolutely beautiful. Documenting the beginning of a life and a brand new family makes my heart full and my soul happy.

When it comes to birth, things don’t always go the way you plan. This mama had planned a natural birth with minimal medical intervention for her little guy. She labored all night and by the time I arrived the next day, she was in the tub with some pretty serious contractions. We were convinced things were going well and there were would be a baby boy very soon, but it turned out she had only dilated a little teeny bit. We continued on. The pain and the contractions intensified and mom was exhausted…and still not much progress was made with dilation. Dad made the call to change the plan. Mama needed a break. After some pain medications, they were both able to rest. And I had coffee.

After just a few hours, it was time to push. In under 30 minutes of hard pushing, a handsome, perfect little boy was born. Just like that, they were a brand new family!

I’ll never get over the emotional rollercoaster I have with photographing births. I love everything about them, but mostly I love being able to take parents back to the very beginning; the moment their lives changed forever and they finally got to meet their baby. I get goosebumps every time.

These were shot with my Canon 6D and my Canon 50mm f/1.2. Learn about my gear here.

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