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Don’t Be Stuck

Here’s the truth…  I sometimes feel stuck with photography and make excuses not to shoot. I tell myself that because our girls aren’t little anymore, because my life is mundane and boring, because my house isn’t white and spotless, I have nothing to shoot. I act like I have nothing worth documenting happening around here. Well, I’m here to tell you that is just plain silly. Life, every second, every stage is worth documenting. So, I forced myself to get unstuck and document something I wanted to remember regardless of how I felt about my photography at that moment.

Since it was a pretty big day for our youngest daughter, she was being inducted in to the National Honor Society at school, I used that to inspire me to pick up my camera and fight back against my feelings of photography frustration. I peeked into her room and took a few documentary shots of her listening to music and getting ready, unmade bed and all. This is something I see every single day, but never bothered to photograph. Pretty soon she’ll be away at college, her room will be neat and tidy, and it will be very, very quiet. I will miss this. So, I snapped away. While I was editing these photos, I felt so incredibly grateful to have these images because they are so very much our real life, as it is right now.

Since I was back on my photography high after finally using my camera and taking some meaningful pictures, I took some outdoor lifestyle portraits of Hannah too. She doesn’t love to be photographed and only gives me a few minute window before she’s ‘over it’, but I still managed to capture her sassy spirit for a few shots. She was mostly saying, no more photos mom, but I kept shooting anyway because that’s how I roll! I hope someday she appreciates my tenacity.

When it comes to photography, we all feel uninspired from time to time, but don’t allow yourself to be stuck like I did. Shoot from the heart, capture something that inspires you, and don’t make excuses for why you can’t shoot. Sometimes the hardest part is just picking up your camera!

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